Norin Durame

Cyborg Slicer and Computer Expert



A talented slicer with a lust for gadgets and gizmos that frequently gets him into trouble in numerous ways. The lust for gadgets and gizmos manifests in multiple ways as well: In addition to being drawn to use illicit means to obtain a new toy, he also has a rather odd fetish for cybernetic erotica. Main Vice: Greed. Main Virtue: Kindness


Born to an upper class family in Doaba Guerfel, Corellia, Norin had a rather pampered childhood and was given the finest education his parent’s money could buy. In his schooling as a child, Norin was exceptionally talented in computer classes and eventually this talent would earn him a job working for Corellian Engineering Corporation helping harden their security systems. His greed got the best of him however, and he was eventually let go after he got caught slicing into the payroll system trying to give himself a bonus.

This effectively ruined his chances of getting hired by any other company, and he had to resort to freelance work. In the years following he managed to make a meager living by loaning his services out as a slicer for various legitimate and illicit jobs. He also occasionally sought out victims to rip off and cash in on from time to time, such as the time where he blackmailed a powerful slaver (and subsequently gained a bounty on his head) and the time where he sliced into Bio-Tech Industries’ logistics mainframe and put in an order for numerous different cybernetics, marked as paid and ready for install. He walked out with several thousand credits worth of different cybernetics installed free of charge, but eventually his crime was discovered and he was marked as a wanted man.

Norin Durame

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